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Exact Solar, serving PA and NJ, is the only installer of solar energy systems in the Bucks County, PA area with extensive experience in ALL of these different options.  Learn more about solar installer, Exact Solar.

These are separate and distinct opportunities to go solar.  Depending on your home, you may be a candidate for one, two, or all three of these opportunities to use solar energy in your home or business.  They use different types of solar panels and they each have their own costs and savings calculations.  (Click on the links above to get more information about how Exact Solar makes solar panels and solar energy affordable.)  All three options have this in common:  They all take advantage of the free and abundant solar energy that comes from the sun each day, they all save you money and they all reduce your carbon footprint starting today.  Let Exact Solar, one of the leading solar installers in PA and NJ, help you harness the power of the sun.  Contact us today for your free solar energy consultation.

** There's a 30% Federal tax credit for all solar energy systems installed in any state. **
**Residential Solar PV systems now as low as $3 per Watt installed!**

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